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About Us

In recent years, the demand for renewable energy has been increasing worldwide. Georgia also follows this trend. Due to the increase in demand, the number of solar energy companies in the market is increasing. Due to the growth in potential and demand, several major companies operating in the solar energy sector have expressed their desire to strengthen the sector. It is for this purpose that the Solar Energy Association – GSEA was founded in September 2023. At the moment, 16 companies have joined the association.

Soon after its establishment, the Solar Energy Association became a member of the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association GREDA, which was established in 2017. GREDA aims at the development of Georgia’s renewable energy sources, its promotion and improvement of the investment environment in the renewable energy sector.

GREDA is concerned with the development of competitive and fair rules for the Georgian electricity market and increasing public awareness of the field. In order to implement the mentioned goals, GREDA actively cooperates with both professional and international organizations and the public sector.

Our Goals

The main goal of the Georgia Solar Energy Association (GSEA) is to promote the development of solar energy and other related technologies through public awareness, active cooperation with private and public institutions. In addition, the aim of the association is to accelerate the provision of sustainable and energy-saving energy supply with the technologies of the future.

Also, the aim of the association is to inform the public about news, solar energy and related renewable energy technologies through media and social networks.

One of the important goals is to improve the legal environment and regulations. For this, it is necessary to prepare proposals and initiatives for the Government of Georgia, the National Commission for Energy and Water Supply of Georgia.

Also, the objectives of the Solar Energy Association are to improve investment conditions in solar energy; development of quality standards for devices and services; Raising the qualifications of subjects participating in solar energy and working on the introduction of solar energy and other renewable energy incentive measures.